Uptime Monitoring

Monitor performance, security, speed, keywords, and 50+ check in minutes. Get the alert direct to your smartphone, emails and customer support — so you can fix the site before the customer complains.

Be Ahead of Customers in Fixing the Service

Know instantly when your website or client’s website goes down — and let your team fix it quickly. Customer does not have to know what happened.

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What we Monitor

Everything critical at one Place.

Website monitoring

Website down? First one to get to know and fix it before complains begins.

SSL monitoring

SSL Expired? Someone forgot to renew it. Don't lose visitors due to it.

Ping monitoring

Check if the networks are available using the Ping tool.

Port monitoring

Check the services running on specific port buy monitoring the port.

Cron job monitoring

Monitor scheduled and recurring job if they are working perfectly fine.

Keyword monitoring

Check presence or absence of specific text in the request's response body.


More than Monitoring

Share Updates

Send website updates via an email to your Status page subscribers.

Status Pages

Create a personal website status page - add logo and theme.

Response Times

See your response times in a chart to reveal performance bumps.

Maintenance Set

Have a maintenance. Add the slot so there is no alarm and red lights.

Multi-location Checks

We verify incidents from multiple locations to prevent false-positives.

Multiple Touchpoints

SMS, Email, Telegram, Whatsapp, Slack - Multiple Integrations.


Easy to use but intuitive user interface on the website. Very well priced and the support from the customer support team is outstanding. Responsive, knowledgeable and swift to resolve your issues.
Ponyboy Curtis
Google Reviewer
I Can Monitor a lot of stuff in my Organization, and it helps me always in the morning to have a big Picture on my system.
Lisbeth Salander
FB Reviewer
Powerful options for uptime monitoring, performance monitoring, monitoring correct HTML responses, etc. An essential tool at a fair price.
Dallas Winston
Google Reviewer

Request Info

Contact us to register a DEMO. We will reach out to you with the Demo and show you around how RedAlert monitor and alerts you to whenever site goes down.